Coronavirus Shutdown: Concerned about security?

There may still be ways to keep your buildings protected

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During this time of national effort to stay at home to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) you may be concerned about the security of your buildings if you have had to close your business premises during this period.

Security Guards critical workers in key sectors

The government has made clear that we should all be working from home and be making as few journeys as necessary while the Coronavirus pandemic continues. However, the regulator for the private industry association, the Security Industry Authority (SIA) confirmed on 26th March that some security professionals were classed as critical workers for the purposes of obtaining childcare if they worked in the key sectors identified by the government as important to keep running normally.

This, the SIA, said would cover those providing security provision in hospitals; schools; social care; courts; government estate; supermarkets and the food supply chain; the transport network; national infrastructure and utilities. Additionally, roles essential to supporting law and order, with the potential to reduce demand on policing, would also meet the critical worker definition the SIA said. According to the SIA, this would include, amongst other areas, the guarding of empty or closed commercial, retail or office premises.

Any security guards that are deployed would need to follow the rules on maintaining a 2 metre distance from others, and washing their hands with soap and water often for at least 20 seconds.

Businesses that have minimal security measures may well feel the need to employ security guards to ensure their property and their goods are protected.

Coronavirus response: Remotely monitor CCTV systems

However, if you do have modern IP CCTV you will be able to remotely monitor your premises on a mobile or desktop device. Therefore, businesses should ensure that their CCTV installer has provided the necessary software so staff can monitor the CCTV images. Alternatively a CCTV firm can provide the remote monitoring service for you.

Electronic access control systems, such as the Paxton Net2 software, are also available as web-based versions which can be accessed remotely wherever you have an internet connection. These systems can be integrated with intruder alarms so can give you added peace of mind if you have had to lock up your business premises.

Ecl-ips are security system specialists and we partner both with Avigilon – that offers advanced CCTV and video management systems – and Paxton, access control manufacturers. Our engineers, along with the rest of the team are currently working from home to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus but remain able to offer remote monitoring services for our customers.

Ecl-ips: Happy to discuss security concerns

While we cannot install CCTV or access control systems at this time, we remain open for business able to support our customers remotely and if you need advice on your security system we will be pleased to help. If this situation has made you think more about your security for the future then take a look at our website and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.