Have you upgraded your Avigilon Control Center software?

ACC 6 has some advanced features that will benefit you

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If you are still operating your CCTV system using an old version of the Avigilon Control Center software (ACC) then it is definitely time to upgrade to ACC 6 as the ACC 5 software and its predecessors are no longer supported.

Upgrading your software is a simple process that can be done via the Avigilon website. Here you will find install files and release notes. If you have ACC 5 core you can upgrade to ACC 6 for free so there are no excuses for not moving onto the more advanced system. If you are an ACC standard or enterprise user you will need to pay for the upgrade to ACC 6 and we would suggest you contact us at Ecl-ips so that we can ensure you have the necessary licences.

As a user you will then benefit with your upgrade by having software that is fully loaded with advanced capabilities to help you proactively detect, verify, and act on events. At Ecl-ips we can confidently say it is also easy to use and navigate.

ACC 6 is loaded with advanced artificial intelligence and video analytics, including Appearance Search™ technology and Unusual Motion Detection technology, to help you quickly detect, verify and act on events. The bookmark, event, alarm and thumbnail search options in ACC are designed to enhance the way you interact with your systems, dramatically improve event response times, and help make video actionable. Ecl-ips has highlighted some of these advanced features of the ACC video management software in recent blogs.

We have also created a series of videos providing tips of using the system.  These videos demonstrate the power of the Avigilon cameras and how you can control them using ACC and the capabilities of the search features. Take a look at the Ecl-ips youtube channel to watch these so you can become proficient in the ACC 6 software and you use it to its maximum capacity.

If you want any support or advice on Avigilon cameras or software please contact us.