How can we help you? Answering your needs in your time

Ecl-ips is allowing you to book a call when it suits you

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Ecl-ips is keen to be answering your security needs but we know that many companies sell CCTV, and there appears to be plentiful amounts of easy access control and intruder alarm solutions when you look online.  We are eager to provide solutions to you and solve your problems in a way that makes sense for your circumstances.

We know that decision-makers and managers are always short of time but we also know if we can have 20 minutes with you to explain why getting the right security and safeguarding solutions matters, and will make your life easier, then we think you will be impressed by what you hear.

We are aware that times are changing and getting in front of someone can be difficult but they maybe available for 20 minutes for an online video call so that is our latest offer. We also emphasise this is just a chat to find out about your security challenges and to see if we can help you.

Reaching you at a time that suits you

Getting in front of the right person to fully explain why a particular security system is likely to save you time and could save you money, can be difficult but we are determined to try. Quite often we provide solutions however, sometimes this is only after people have struggled on with a security system that has never worked how they wanted it to. We are therefore making ourselves available on 20 minutes online sessions that you can book yourselves at a time that suits you in the working day.

Answering your needs: Why not book a call?

Ecl-ips would love the opportunity to have a chat about how our security and safeguarding solutions are answering your needs. We would like to understand if an integrated approach would work for you or what security solution is your priority right now. There may also be challenges you face with your CCTV or alarm system that you don’t realise can be solved through more advanced technology.

By talking your issues through then you may find we have some thoughts that can help you. So why not book a no obligation chat right now?