IT monitoring systems are vital for business continuity

Without monitoring systems your business faces the risk of IT failure - don't get caught out

monitor your server roommonitor your server room

For your IT systems to work efficiently and without the danger that they will fail due to power outages, server room monitoring is essential. Without such monitoring money could be lost and customers and staff could be affected by IT equipment failure.

Research has shown that over 70% of reported server room, IT room or communications room outages are directly attributed to human error. The cost of outages for businesses, whatever their cause, can run into billions of pounds.

Outages can simply be caused by somebody unplugging the wrong device. Therefore, allowing access to an outside party, for example a cleaner who simply wants to plug in their vacuum cleaner and forgets to check if a machine can be unplugged, could be a risk. However, equally it could a member of staff that makes a mistake.

Another risk caused by staff within the building is that the doors to server or communication rooms are left open. Doing this may mean the temperature of the room is no longer correct and this could cause machine failure or inefficiency.

Whatever the cause you need to know that it has happened fast so monitoring and having alerts out to those that can act to fix the problem is essential.

Ecl-ips offers a service and product range which allows a company to improve network reliability and availability. The appliances we supply are simple, low cost and require no additional resource development. They can operate independently or as part of an enterprise management solution. With the installation of products, the IT staff can now monitor the computer room, whether at their desk or working from home. Units can also be configured to alert technical support staff of potential issues via email or text messaging. This in turn allows any problems to be fixed before they affect system availability in any way.

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