John Masefield School: Cameras assist in safeguarding

School believes CCTV cameras protects students, staff and property

John Masefield SchoolJohn Masefield School

John Masefield School has provided an appreciative testimonial: “We have a small number of CCTV cameras on site at our school. We feel they contribute to the safeguarding of our students and staff and help to protect our property.

The cameras are not used as part of a surveillance system and images are only viewed by myself or another senior leader if there is an incident or a concern is expressed regarding safety. For example, last summer an attempt was made to vandalise cables on our school roof and we were able to pass on images to the police to support their investigation.

We have also used the cameras to observe traffic and pedestrian flow in our car park to improve the safety, especially at the start and end of the school day.”

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