Latest Netbotz range: protection from costly downtime

We can offer the APC Netbotz 750, 755 and 756

Avoid costly downtime with the APC Netbotz Room Monitor Nbwl0755Avoid costly downtime with the APC Netbotz Room Monitor Nbwl0755

If you want to be confident that your server room is protected and you will not suffer from costly IT downtime then it is worth investing in an advanced real-time monitoring appliance.

The latest real-time monitoring devices from APC NetBotz provide active and scalable solutions. They are designed to protect against physical threats, environmental or human, that can cause disruption to IT assets. This ensures business continuity by monitoring and protecting IT assets from environmental hazards or human error.

Designed for Edge computing to prevent costly downtime

The latest series of real-time monitoring products are the APC Netbotz 750 range which can be used for surveillance, monitoring of physical threats such as high temperature, humidity, water damage and rack access control. This means you will be protected against both malicious and unintentional access events which will cause costly IT downtime.

The appliances have been designed to perform well in the age of Edge computing, which brings computation and data storage closer to the location where it is needed, to improve response times and save bandwidth. This, according to Schneider Electric the manufacturer of APC Netbotz products, can increase the risks of water damage, high temperature & humidity, fire or other conditions which could bring down business-critical applications. Meanwhile, intentional or malicious access to IT spaces by staff, or others, can also put server rooms at risk and leave companies vulnerable to costly compliance violations.

The latest appliance in the range is the APC NetBotz Room Monitor 755, which is available with (NBWL0756), or without (NBWL0755), a 120/240V power-over-ethernet (POE) Injector. The device is designed so you can place it where it is needed within your IT space whatever its size. POE has the advantage of delivering data and power over one Cat5 or Cat6 ethernet cable. Having the POE injector could make installation of the device easier as it enables a non-PoE compatible switch to work with PoE devices by powering compliant devices over a single Ethernet cable.

Room Monitor that integrate with an IP camera for extra protection

The APC NetBotz Room Monitor 755 integrates with APC racks, NetBotz sensors, and supports the HD, Low Light Camera Pod 165. This is an IP-based, POE camera managed by the NetBotz monitor, either plugged directly into the rack monitor’s private switch or discovered over the network. This camera can aid intrusion detection and help maintain compliance. Meanwhile, you can manage up to 47 NetBotz wireless temperature and temp/humidity sensors from a single NetBotz device.

The APC NetBotz Room Monitor 755 therefore provides integrated surveillance, sensing, access control, and advanced alerting for IT environments of all sizes where IT rack space is unavailable. For easy management of your server room monitoring the APC NetBotz Room Monitor 755 integrates with Schneider Electric’s Data Center Expert software.

The original product from the range is the APC NetBotz Rack Monitor 750, which was the first of the V5 firmware Netbotz appliances. Multiple NetBotz 750s can be managed through the Data Center Expert software, which stores and organises camera clips. It also enables a single view of multiple cameras, rapid search and retrieval of video, and tagging of important clips to provide an audit trail of who has been accessing critical IT equipment.

We are well-established data centre and server room monitoring specialists so if you want advice on how best to protect your IT spaces from environmental threats, human error and costly downtime we can help. We can also provide a data centre or server room audit to assess your needs, so please get in touch if you want to know more.