Monitoring your Data Centre reduces downtime

As IT Managers you’ll do everything possible to avoid becoming just another statistic. But don’t think downtime can’t happen to you – chances are it already has…

Human error causes outages mitigated by effective monitoringHuman error causes outages mitigated by effective monitoring

It’s not enough to just monitor the activity and performance of your network to prevent issues and downtime from data based threats. Environmental conditions can pose just as much of a threat to the hardware of your network:

  • extreme temperatures
  • high humidity
  • water leaks
  • physical security should be on your list of priorities as well

Maintaining proper server room conditions relies on a number of different variables which include:

  • ensuring proper ventilation for cold air intake and hot air return
  • humidity of the room
  • verifying that proper airflow and temperature is circulating through your data racks

This is why you will need to monitor the environmental conditions in many places.

Protecting your company against IT Downtime

A UPS is one of the most important investments you can make. Not only does it protect your hardware but prevents data loss; increasing user productivity. When the electrical current going to your device is not steady, it can have costly consequences for your business.

A reliable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is your first and best line of defence against damaging downtime, offering you invaluable insurance until the power is restored or backup generators kick-in.

Why do you need a UPS?

  • Immediately provide backup power during power failure to keep your business running
  • To bridge the power gap until a standby generator is synchronised
  • Protect against brownouts, power spikes, voltage dips, fluctuations and complete power failures
  • Shut down a computer or server in an orderly manner
  • Reduce downtime costs and protect critical equipment

But no safeguard is ever 100% infallible. Parts will fail or electrical components will need replacing. And it’s at those critical times you need a dependable UPS maintenance provider to fall back on.

Why do you need to monitor a UPS?

  • To enable you to respond quickly if action is needed
  • So you are the first to know when there is a problem
  • Alerted when the battery isn’t performing at full capacity and requires maintenance
  • Extend the life of the battery with temperature monitoring
  • Optimise energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and ensure the best performance of your UPS
  • Prevent costly IT downtime
  • To know how much runtime you have in the event of failure
  • Schedule regular health checks – requiring few inexpensive repairs


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