UPS Appliances: The importance of power management

We offer a range of APC UPS devices to support your CCTV system and other IT equipment

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Understanding the amount of power you need to run a CCTV system or any IT equipment is really important. If you overload your system it will fail unless you have an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) device. However, you also need to ensure you install the right UPS for the power required.

A UPS sits in between your IT device and the power circuit. It provides a level power to that device and will smooth out any peaks or troughs in the power supply. In addition, in the event of a power outage the UPS would be able to provide power from its onboard battery to your advice giving you continuity in your IT systems. In these videos Aaron Kernaghan, managing director of Ecl-ips explains what a UPS is and how they will help you.

UPS appliances provide the back up you need protecting you against data loss if power fails and the costs of network down time. If you are a business this could mean a loss in revenue and substantial sums of money. Ecl-ips supplies  a large range of UPS systems from 400VA to 1.6 MegaWatts. These systems can be designed for specific needs or provided quickly in an emergency situation.

We recommend that you monitor your UPS to ensure battery power is maintained. This can be done locally or remotely. Alerts can be sent to inform you of events or when a UPS battery change is due to help you maintain the resilience that you require. In addition to this there are also various software packages that can automatically shut down servers in the event of a power outage.

Most UPS devices have the capability to house network cards that can report on information that is relevant to the integrity of the system, such as battery condition, run-time remaining, load levels, input voltage etc. In addition to this, environmental parameters such as room temperature and humidity can also be measured and reported on. For more information on the UPS house network management card interface watch this Ecl-ips video.

We are specialists in a range of monitoring and power management devices from APC, part of Schneider Electric, which will keep your IT systems protected. This will ensure business continuity and ensure your security systems such as CCTV and access control do not fail.

For more information on how we can help with selecting the right UPS for you and for other real-time monitoring and power management advice contact us.