Little Aston Primary School

Aston PrimaryAston Primary

Customer: Little Aston Primary School

Location: Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

Requirement: To install High Resolution IP CCTV cameras and to provide ongoing support and maintenance

Solution:  Avigilon HD CCTV Cameras, Avigilon Control Center, Avigilon 8-Port Appliance, Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)

Services:  Design, Installation, Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Customer’s View:  “We got quotes from several suppliers and it was clear that Ecl-ips could supply what was required in terms of products and service. Their solution has provided the coverage that we needed and given us peace of mind.” Noreen Brain, School Business Manager

Avigilon HD CCTV cameras have given Little Aston Primary school a better standard of coverage

Little Aston Primary School near Sutton Coldfield caters for children aged 3 to 11. The school actively seeks to achieve the highest standards in everything so its pupils can achieve their full potential.

The team at Little Aston School knew its CCTV coverage needed to be updated and improved. The school had a CCTV camera system but, as Noreen Brain, Little Aston’s School Business Manager, explained: “It was outdated, not all cameras were working and we had insufficient coverage.” Staff were also particularly concerned about the school’s car park area: several incidents had occurred there but because it wasn’t monitored little could be done.

The first step for Noreen was to do some online research and draw up a shortlist of CCTV systems suppliers to quote for the work involved in upgrading the system. After reviewing the companies and their quotes, the school could see that Ecl-ips would be the best choice. Noreen explained: “It was clear that Ecl-ips could supply what was required in terms of products and service.”

Ecl-ips’s proposal involved upgrading Little Aston’s CCTV coverage from analogue to High Resolution IP, which would give the school much better quality of images and a system that would be extremely easy to navigate and retrieve images from. To solve the problem of the lack of coverage in the car park, Ecl-ips also advised extending CCTV coverage so that all areas, internally and externally, would be covered.

Little Aston Primary School’s CCTV camera system components

Ecl-ips recommended industry-leading HD network video management software, hardware and HD cameras from Avigilon. Avigilon uses open components, so the system is extremely flexible and cost effective, perfect for a school setting.  Little Aston now also have everything backed up by an Uninterruptible Power Supply System to guarantee coverage even during a power-cut.

Ecl-ips installed 9 cameras to provide complete coverage inside and outside the school. Ecl-ips also used self-learning analytics in the car park cameras to make it easier for the school to identify suspicious people or vehicles if any incidents occur in the future.

All of the external cameras fitted have adaptive infra-red emitters so the school has complete coverage day and night and offer HD detail for exceptional image quality. They are also vandal resistant to ensure maximum security.

A tidy, quiet and efficient installation

Because Little Aston School wanted to have the benefit of HD CCTV as soon as possible, Ecl-ips installed the new system in the final weeks of a busy summer term. Fortunately, Ecl-ips’s engineers have a great deal of experience of working in busy school environments and carried out the installation tidily, quietly and efficiently so they didn’t disrupt the school day. Noreen commented: “The team were very good and very helpful and everything went smoothly. They were a pleasure to have on-site.”

In Conclusion

The team at Little Aston are very pleased with the new cameras. Noreen said: “We can now monitor so much more than we could before and we can focus the cameras much more effectively.” The cameras mean the school can retrieve footage far more quickly than before and store footage for much longer. Most importantly, they have got much greater coverage, which means the staff, pupils and property are much safer.

Download the Little Aston Primary Case Study pdf