Avigilon HD Video Appliance and HD Video Appliance Pro

Avigilon’s HD Video Appliance is a 4-In-1 mix of a network switch, a server, a workstation and storage. This drastically cuts down on installation times and cost as well as being much more efficient.



Avigilon HD Video Appliance

All-in-one network switch, workstation, server and storage

Avigilon’s HD Video Appliance offers a network switch, workstation, server and storage, all integrated into a single easy-to-install solution. This simplified system design greatly reduces costs and installation times, helping you avoid the costs and headaches typically associated with installing a full security system.

Save money and Reduce Installation time

The HD Video Appliance is a turnkey product that combines an 8, 16 or 24-port Power over Ethernet (PoE) network switch along with full video management server and client software capabilities into a single compact form factor. The HD Video Appliance is powered by Avigilon’s market leading ACC Software and comes pre-installed with Core edition licencing included. This Appliance will support up to 32 Analogue cameras or 8 IP Cameras as standard, 8 Avigilon Encoders would be required for the 32 Analogue camera support – See details here

Each Appliance comes pre-loaded with Avigilon Control Center and is ready to run right out of the box with a selection of 8 Core or 16 Standard Licences – All you have to do is activate the licences. This means that there is no lengthy installation process and you are up and running monitoring HD Video even quicker than the traditional solution.



Additional information

Switch Ports

8, 16, 24

Camera Channels

8, 24, 16

Storage (TB)

12TB, 2TB, 4TB, 6TB, 9TB