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The Halo Smart Sensor 3C was launched in summer 2023 and replaces the Halo Smart Sensor 2C. The device includes exciting additional security and protection features extending its capability beyond the Halo Smart Sensor 2C. This makes it the ideal security and protection device in areas where privacy is important and traditional CCTV would not be appropriate.

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The HALO Smart Sensor 3C is at the forefront of solving ever-evolving safety and security concerns as the industry leader in monitoring private areas, such as toilet areas in stadiums, changing rooms, hotel bedrooms and school toilets. This has the advantage of surface mount installation and the possibility of two devices being installed using one cable run.

Features unique to the HALO Smart Sensor 3C:

  • Emergency Escape and Alert Lighting: LED coloured lighting options that can be programmed to show escape routes for safety such as a red, yellow, and green pattern. You can create unique colours for different alerts such as purple for Air Quality alerts or blue for Health alerts. The lights themselves are projected onto the ceiling around the HALO for extended visibility.
  • Motion Detection: Identify and alert on movement for occupancy and trespassing.
  • Panic Button: Users can trigger alerts via an external 3rd party panic button or via the HALO cloud app. The location of the trigger is associated to the HALO device in closest proximity.
  • Occupancy and People Counting: Identify how many people are within the HALO location and configure to alert on abnormalities. (Only available on HALO 3C-PC)

Key Features of the HALO Smart Sensor

  • Vape Detector: Detection of vape, vape masking and  tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is contained in cannabis and can vaped or smoked.
  • Health Monitoring: protects people from infectious diseases, dangers of poor ventilation and bad air quality. The device will detect Carbon Monoxide; Carbon Dioxide; relative humidity; temperature; particulates; total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), particulates and dangerous chemicals
  • Safety Monitoring: Detection of loud noises which could indicate an incident is occurring that needs attention, recognition of five keywords that are used to call for help and tamper protection to stop destruction of the device

Enhanced HALO Cloud and mobile device app

You can download the HALO Cloud App to receive push notifications and we connect you when we install a HALO Smart Sensor. Halo Cloud provides an online dashboard where you can manage multiple devices, receive real-time Health Index and air quality alerts and reporting, and see alerts and historical data, that allows you to document your building’s health status and trouble areas. In addition you can receive notifications of HALO alerts, a panic button trigger and provide real-time indoor air quality information on your mobile device via the app.

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