Mobotix M15 AllroundDual Camera 6MP – Complete Set

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Professional IP security camera – 6 megapixel day/night image sensors and lenses from telephoto to wide angle. These cameras are now modular and have interchangeable sensor modules.

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Professional dual 6 megapixel IP security camera

The new MOBOTIX 6-megapixel image sensors (available as a day and night version for color and black/white images) feature even better light sensitivity, making these the best MOBOTIX cameras and IP systems ever. In addition to standard 4:3 image formats with maximized 5MP resolution, this new technology now also supports images with up to 6 megapixels in the special 3:2 format (3072 × 2048 pixels), both as a day and night sensor module. In dual image display mode, a MOBOTIX 6MP dual camera can generate images up to 12 megapixels in size.

Now available with new 6MP Moonlight Sensor Technology

Thanks to the fact that a 6-megapixel night sensor module MOBOTIX camera is now able to deliver high-quality images on full moon nights (illumination of approx. 0.25 lux) without any additional lighting, this new moonlight technology is suitable for applications with illumination levels below 5 lux (in comparison, street lighting seldom drops below 10 lux). For scenarios with normal lighting conditions, such as illuminated indoor and outdoor areas, the available 5-megapixel camera models are sufficient.

Six different focal lengths

The greatly increased light sensitivity of the new sensor technology is further enhanced by the HD Premium lenses also built into the 5-megapixel cameras. These new HD Premium lenses with an f/1.8 aperture are offered in six different focal lengths. This technology, in connection with the new 6-megapixel sensor modules (1/1.8” CMOS), delivers horizontal image angles between 15° and 105° for an image format of 4:3.

Maximum flexibility

The M15 AllroundDual camera is a well equipped, professional network camera that is top of the Mobotix product range, both in terms of functionality and technological capability. The integration of two image sensors and a range of other functions and technical innovations results in unlimited usage possibilities. The sensor modules, which need to be ordered separately, are pre-focused at the factory and can be supplied in any desired combination of day or night sensors with lens choices from telephoto to wide angle. The modular system, which provides maximum flexibility when configuring the camera, is also easily reconfigured or repaired by replacing a sensor module. For video security applications in commercial, private and public sector environments, as a surveillance or weather camera, a webcam, indoors or outdoors, day or night.

Available here as a full set with various lens types. Mobotix M15 Sensor Modules can also be bought separately.

Additional information

Angle of View

103°, 15°, 31°, 45°, 60°, 90°

Lens/Sensor Type

B016 Fisheye, B036 Ultra Wide, B041 Super Wide, B045 CS Vario, B061 Wide, B079 Standard, B119 Tele, B237 Distant Tele, B500 Super Tele




12, 6

Number of Lenses

1.0, 2.0

Infra Red


Indoor or Outdoor

Indoor, Outdoor



Max Frame Rate (fps)


Compression Type

H.264 (SIP video only), JPEG, M-JPEG, MxPeg

ONVIF Compliant




Internal DVR



Integrated Microphone, Integrated Speaker





Day or Night

Day & Night

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