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The Peplink MAX BR1 ENT is a lightweight, mobile broadband solution. It’s size and power allows it to be deployed almost anywhere where it can receive sufficient power. It has a throughput capability of up to 200Mbps (Megabits Per Second), and a recommendation of up to 150 users.

£550.00 (ex VAT)


Peplink MAX BR1 ENT LTE Highspeed Broadband Router

The Peplink MAX BR1 ENT is an LTE Highspeed Broadband Router, capable of reaching 200Mbps throughput with a recommendation of up to 150 total users at a time.

An optional PoE Activation Kit is required to activate the 802.3af PoE Output capabilities of the MAX BR1 ENT

The Peplink Max BR1 ENT allows you to use your mobile SIM card wirelessly, and you can connect to it like you would with any other router. Either through a Wi-Fi connection or with standard Ethernet connection. It also has a SIM Card redundancy feature that will kick in when one SIM Card is low on data and switch to another SIM Card that is in the machine. This saves time as you don’t have to manually switch between SIM Card’s in the device as it has multiple SIM Card slots. Although there are multiple SIM slots in the actual device itself, they don’t need to all be from the same carrier, you could have different SIM Card packages with different carriers in the device. For United Kingdom use the Peplink MAX BR1 ENT Mobile router only supports the following phone service carriers:

• 3
• EE
• O2
• Vodafone

With a measurement of 40 x 147 x 128 mm (Height x Width x Depth) and weighing in at 435 grams, this allows for ease of mobility almost anywhere. Although it may be a small piece of equipment it is quite sturdy. The MAX BR1 ENT is able to work in temperatures from -40°C up to 65°C, and in humidity of 15-95%, proving that it’s actually quite durable. And due to its size, a terminal block power connector was added to the design, which allows for it to be easily deployed in mobile / vehicular solutions, such as allowing people to use Wi-Fi on the coach / train or even just a regular car.

Although you may see it as just a run of the mill wireless router, it can be used for Ethernet / VPN solutions as well. You can connect a high-speed landline and a backup LTE to the BR1 ENT for a fast and reliable network, which allows you to use it in situations where Wi-Fi connections may not be allowed or you would prefer a more secure network. Which proves it can be useful in High Profile conditions.

The Peplink MAX BR1 ENT also comes with other useful features such as:

• A complete VPN (Virtual Private Network) Solution
• Stateful Firewall
• DoS (Denial of Service) Prevention
• Web Blocking
• SpeedFusion

Demonstration of Peplink’s SpeedFusion feature over VPN

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