Netbotz 250 monitoringNetbotz 250 monitoring

APC Netbotz 250 Monitoring Solution: a perfect starter kit

The APC Netbotz 250 is comprehensive monitoring solution that will ensure that all of the support systems in your business premises are running efficiently and effectively by providing early warnings of any potential issues.

The APC Netbotz 250 monitoring kit provides real-time physical monitoring for critical IT spaces. This appliance is simple, low cost and requires no additional resource development. Appliances can operate independently or as part of an enterprise management solution.

As an IT, facilities or securities manager or director preventing IT downtime is vital and there are various points you need to consider:

  • How do you proactively monitor your critical IT assets?
  • How many remote sites do you have and are they staffed?
  • Have you experienced any unwanted network downtime due to unplanned environmental or security incidents?
  • What would the value be to your organisation if you could be warned prior to a catastrophic failure?

You also need to assess the risks of not having adequate monitoring of your IT equipment:

  • Theft: Stolen equipment. Physical attacks against local security through consoles, ports and network closets
  • Environment: Beyond fires, floods, spikes and surges are less obvious disruptions like air conditioning failures and burst pipes, both tremendous risk areas.
  • Human error: Network equipment in distributed environments are often located in open settings where they are susceptible to tampering by non-IT personnel.
  • Sabotage: Beyond terrorism, sabotage can include acts performed by disgruntled employees.

If your business works across a number of locations and there is minimal support staff who only operate from one of your offers having a monitoring solution that can work remotely is essential.  Ecl-ips can provide comprehensive server room monitoring solutions through the APC Netbotz Monitoring products.

Included with the NetBotz 250 Rack Monitor is a wireless sensor starter kit, including a Zigbee wireless network co-ordinator and wireless temperature sensor, in addition a wired temp / humidity sensor. This means that the NetBotz 250 is a great starter kit to help you protect your IT environment within minutes. However, Ecl-ips can offer the full range of APC monitoring solutions if you require additional features, such as integration with cameras.

With the monitoring solutions  Ecl-ips can provide:

  • Business continuity by monitoring and protecting IT assets from environmental hazards or human error.
  • Immediate detection of issues which will minimise IT downtime by preventing an outage or by enabling rapid response. Problems are solved before they become catastrophic.
  • Integration with Schneider Electric’s StruxureWare Data Center Expert which provides a unified view of the entire physical infrastructure, collecting, organizing, and distributing critical alerts and information, while enabling mass, remote adjustments and updates of managed devices, including NetBotz.
  • APC Rack Access Control using the NetBotz 250 appliance plus a handle kit to enable remote lock/unlock capabilities and badge access privileges for IT enclosures. The appliance can be mounted in a 0U or 1U configuration and is designed to work with APC NetShelter SX enclosures.