ACC 7.8 introduces the Social Distancing feature

Ecl-ips is now able offer the complete range of back-to-work solutions from advanced CCTV developer, Avigilon with the launch of the latest upgrade of Avigilon Control Center 7 (ACC 7). Slowing the rate of COVID-19 transmission is important while also accepting that more people are now returning to work and to a wider range of leisure activities.

Social DistancingSocial Distancing

The social distancing, occupancy counting and face mask detection solutions from Avigilon will help those managing shops, healthcare facilities and other buildings manage the health risks for staff, customers or visitors more effectively.

Social Distancing

ACC 7.8 allows CCTV operators to detect breaches of social distancing guidelines around sites and inside buildings. This latest technology works when combined with embedded analytics within the advanced Avigilon H5A cameras.

The technology can demonstrate to those managing commercial spaces or other buildings, like schools or healthcare settings, where there are potential bottlenecks and so social distancing will be difficult. This will allow managers to make changes within the buildings, for example, by only allowing people to walk in one direction through a corridor to reduce the numbers having to be in close proximity to each other.

Additionally, if necessary, you could provide audible warnings to those breaching social distancing guidelines at the time. Ecl-ips has expertise in integrating the Avigilon CCTV system with IP enabled speakers and a SIP microphone as part of its school lockdown solution which we can now easily adapt this to these new requirements.

Occupancy Counting

Occupancy Counting can provide you with an easy and streamlined way to count and identify the number of people on your premises. The feature aims to remove the staffing costs required to count people manually and the subsequent guesswork on occupancy by frontline employees, particularly where buildings have multiple entry and exit points. Occupancy Counting helps organisations also comply with social distancing guidelines by limiting the number of people in a facility, thereby reducing the interactions between them.

This solution is available if you have H4A or H5A cameras and have upgraded to ACC 7.6.4 and are using Avigilon Cloud Services (ACS). The feature can also be available if you have third-party cameras attached to an Avigilon Artificial Intelligence Appliance. The cameras should be specially placed at the entry and exit points of a facility or area to monitor traffic.

Face Mask Detection

Face coverings are now compulsory in the UK in shops (including take-aways) supermarkets, banks and post offices as well as on public transport and in hospitals.

Enforcing the rules are important and Avigilon’s Face Mask Detection technology is available with ACC 7.6.4 and provides effective monitoring and enables proactive, real-time responses from your team. This feature relies on AI-enabled video analytics and specially-placed security cameras to determine when an individual is not wearing a face mask within your site. Once the feature detects an individual is in violation this prompts an automated alert through the ACC 7 software.

Like with social distancing rule breaches you could enforce compliance by providing an audible warning to those involved and Ecl-ips has the expertise to adapt the technology to do this.

Ecl-ips is a long-standing and well-established Avigilon partner. The team always spends time testing and understanding the latest Avigilon software developments before we install them meaning we will always supply a solution that works. If you want to know more please contact us.