Access Control: providing effective server room protection

Effective access control and CCTV systems are an essential part of server room monitoring

Paxton Access ControlPaxton Access Control

If you think about your company’s communications or server room it is worth considering who has access to the room and what access control system you have.

Restricting access to your server rooms and the racks or cabinets only to those who need it will undoubtedly reduce some of the risks associated with loss of power or damaging changes in temperature. Additionally, when mistakes or faults do occur it is important to have an audit trail.

Installing an electronic access control system means that access can be granted to staff via card readers or a web-based interface. Monitoring of staff and controlling registered users can be carried out via a server PC.

A good quality CCTV system, that works with an effective access control system, can be a useful additional tool to improve your training of staff and to assist you in identifying particular pieces of IT equipment. It will also provide the surveillance necessary if there are people that have a malicious intent when they enter your premises and try and access your data centre. Ecl-ips partners with a number of companies specialising in access control, as well as supplying CCTV systems, and is able to provide some solutions that has software that will allow integration between the two systems.

Meanwhile specialist systems are also available to ensure your IT enclosures are kept properly secure. Ecl-ips supplies APC NetShelter SX enclosures and can provide network appliances for these which enable remote or local access monitoring and control for them.

The APC Rack Access Control system uses the NetBotz 250 appliance plus a handle kit to enable remote lock/unlock capabilities and badge access privileges for IT enclosures. Using this system administrators can easily configure access control profiles for individual employees, configure scheduled access to equipment for maintenance purposes, and view audit trails. Various alarm notifications are also available to indicate a compromised security state such as forced entry and door position. This solution is available for APC NetShelter SX enclosures as well as other brands of IT enclosures.

Ecl-ips are experts in security and environmental monitoring so if you have any queries contact us.