APC Netbotz 250 Infographic

With over 70% of reported Server Room, IT Room or Comms Room outages directly attributed to human error, you can't afford not to monitor these spaces!

IT monitoringIT monitoring

To effectively manage your system you need to constantly watch out for any possible causes that might lead to an outage, Netbotz 250 will help you be the eyes and ears of your Server Room, IT Room or Comms Room.


The Netbotz 250 is now available fully installed and maintained.

Of course you can’t be everywhere all of the time.  That’s why we have technology, to help us do just that.

Ecl-ips can help you with a system that is as cost effective or as feature packed as your budget will allow.

Be Smart.  Know Everything!

For further information visit Netbotz product page or call us on 01527 872000 for more details.