Avigilon 7K HD Pro Camera: Delivering stunning detail

The security industry’s first single-sensor 7K is now available

*This product has been discontinued and has been replaced by the Avigilon H5 Pro Camera.*

Avigilon’s 7K HD Pro camera is the security industry’s first single-sensor 7K (30 megapixel) security camera. It delivers stunning image detail even in extreme lighting conditions and provides the coverage area of 99 traditional VGA resolution cameras.

The 7K HD Pro camera keeps storage and bandwidth requirements low through seamless integration with our patented High Definition Stream Management (HDSM)™ 2.0 technology. Built with large areas in mind, the 7K camera joins our family of 4K, 5K and 6K HD Pro cameras. Monitor a full stadium and capture fan disruptions to help comply with mandatory government regulations.

Cover a full car park and simultaneously see license plates. Or cover the entire tarmac of an airport while still being able to distinguish plane numbers. Regardless of your coverage needs, Avigilon HD Pro cameras provide the power and detail you need to help keep your environment safe and secure.

  • Focus and Iris Control of SLR Lenses: Remote focus for ease of installation with operation
  • H4 Platform: Exceptional low light performance and increased frame rates
  • On board storage: SDHC and SDXC card compatibility for storage of video footage directly on the device
  • LightCatcher technology: Exceptional detail in a low light setting
  • HDSM 2.0: Maximum image detail, minimum bandwidth
  • 30mp: Maximum resolution

Avigilon’s HD Pro cameras start at 8 MP (4K) and go all the way up to an industry-leading 30 MP (7K) – using EF and EF-S mount lenses for the best optical quality. Built on Avigilon’s upgraded H4 platform, these cameras deliver superior image detail while providing improved bandwidth management to optimize network performance. These cameras also come with on-board storage capabilities, allowing you to store video footage directly on the device using a standard SD card.

Avigilon’s HD Pro cameras are ideal for covering vast areas requiring unparalleled detail, making them effective for monitoring stadiums, airports, transportation facilities, critical infrastructure and municipal grounds and buildings.