Avigilon H4 Thermal camera: Helping you ‘see’ in the dark

Showing you images that the human eye simply cannot see during the night, the Avigilon H4 Thermal camera is worth checking out

Avigilon H4 Thermal CameraAvigilon H4 Thermal Camera

Update August 2023: This product is no longer available and has been replaced by the Avigilon H5A Thermal Camera.

Combining thermal imaging and patented self -learning video analytics to provide brilliant detection and advanced performance, the Avigilon H4 Thermal camera line shows images that cannot be seen with the human eye during the night.

The cameras are designed to detect the movement of people and vehicles and can do so in areas of poor visibility such as smoke or fog, challenging light conditions, complete darkness and partly camouflaged scenes.

Imagine that you have had a series of incidents at night, such as cases of trespass or vandalism, around your business premises or at the perimeter of your property where there may be hedges or foliage. Alternatively, you could have had a one-off theft of a vehicle. These are cases when a thermal camera could be invaluable in tracking down the time of the incident or when the crime was committed and the number of perpetrators.

In incidents like this the Avigilon H4 Thermal camera is a particularly accurate detector when it is able to communicate with the H4 PTZ camera. Using Avigilon’s software you can request the camera to zoom in on the subject automatically. To understand the capabilities of the PTZ camera read our recent blog.

Take a look at our video to understand just how the  Avigilon H4 Thermal camera works.

Remember the H4 Avigilon thermal camera is just one product in the H4 range which also includes the Fisheye cameras, which allow for multiple views from one device, and the powerful multi-sensor camera. At the same time the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software means that searching for images and incidents at particular times is very straightforward.

Our Ecl-ips engineers are experienced installers of Avigilon cameras and have extensive knowledge of the ACC system. Ecl-ips also offers a one week free trial of Avigilon cameras. For more information on the complete Avigilon camera range contact us.