Demonstrating the power of Avigilon’s PTZ cameras

Avigilon's PTZ camera has a powerful zoom function capturing images from a great distance


*This PTZ camera has been replaced by the Avigilon H5A PTZ Camera. Find out more in this blog.*

Ecl-ips is able to offer a wide range of cameras from Avigilon to suit your every need. Among the Avigilon products that we supply are their PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) cameras. If you already have traditional PTZ cameras you will find that there is a big leap in the performance that these Avigilon products offer.

The cameras are a useful surveillance solution because of their ability to simultaneously cover wide areas and zoom in for finer details with a single camera. You can control all this powerful capability from a monitor using the Avigilon Control Centre (ACC) software.

Avigilon’s latest H4 PTZ camera line is available in 1 and 2 megapixel (MP) camera resolutions in outdoor pendant and in-ceiling mount formats. The 1 MP PTZ camera has 45x zoom, while the 2 MP PTZ has a built-in 30x zoom lens for high-quality, detailed images from great distances.

The H4 PTZ cameras are also equipped with LightCatcher technology, enabling exceptional colour images in low light, as well as true wide dynamic range (WDR) for detailed images in both extreme brightness and darkness.

Within the ACC area you are able to select the camera you wish to control, then on the toolbar at the top you select ‘PTZ controls’. This produces a square in the screen that you move with your mouse. By using the click and drag function you are able to control the camera.

As well as the ability to move your camera up, down and side to side it has an impressive zoom facility. This video shows how you can zoom into an object and gain a clear image even 60 metres away.

Avigilon is also extremely proud of the ability of its cameras stand up to elements and still function. An extra component you can order with your camera is a wiper to keep its screen free of drips. Ecl-ips is able to supply this product and again it can be controlled using the ACC software.

This video shows just how easy this is: