Avigilon H5A Cameras: Featuring its latest video analytics

Self-learning technology improves CCTV efficiency

Avigilon CCTVAvigilon CCTV

Avigilon H5A cameras feature its latest video analytics technology which can detect more objects with greater accuracy even in crowded scenes, whether as stationary or moving objects, helping provide detailed information of what is happening on your site so you can take action.

Ecl-ips is a well-established Avigilon partner and is now selling Avigilon H5A cameras to install around the UK. Avigilon offers video analytics embedded in Avigilon cameras up to 5K (16 MP) resolution.

Self-learning analytics improves CCTV effectiveness

Avigilon’s self-learning analytics extend the effectiveness of your security systems by providing effective monitoring and enabling a proactive, real-time response from security staff. Through the use of advanced pattern-based analytics and teach-by-example technology, Avigilon video analytics are designed to increase the productivity of security personnel while making monitoring more affordable and efficient.

Avigilon has developed advanced video pattern detection technology which is able to accurately recognise the movements of people and vehicles while ignoring motion not relevant to a scene. The system’s ability to constantly learn reduces false positives and helps ensure alerts are meaningful, which avoids wasted time and improves efficiencies.

The teach-by-example technology enables users to provide feedback about the accuracy of alarm events generated by Avigilon devices. Rather than decreasing analytics sensitivity to reduce false alarms, the feedback trains the device, increasing the accuracy of the analytics used to determine which alarms are real and which are false to further improve a low false-positive alarm rate.

Over time, the system learns the scene and is able to prioritise important events based on user feedback. This increases sensitivity to conditions that are of concern while reducing false alarms to keep the focus on what matters.

Wide-range of cameras available

The Avigilon H5A cameras are available as bullet cameras, box cameras as well as indoor, outdoor and pendant dome cameras with image quality ranging from 2-8 megapixels. Other Features include:

  • LightCatcher Technology: exceptional detail in a low-light setting
  • Wide-dynamic Range: capturing details in both very dark and very light settings
  • Content Adaptive Infra-Red (IR): Provides up to 30 metres of consistent lighting and exceptional imaging in low light conditions.
  • Automatic IR Cut Filter: Superior low light performance and sensitivity to IR illuminators while providing true colour imaging in the day
  • HDSM SmartCodec™ Technology: HDSM SmartCodec technology optimises compression levels for regions in a scene to maximise bandwidth savings.
  • Five-year warranty

If you have an existing CCTV system but are looking to upgrade or are starting from scratch we can assess your needs and offer a one week trial of the Avigilon system. To find out more contact us.