Avigilon Video Appliances: a simpler CCTV solution

Ecl-ips can provide the best system for you

HD Video Appliance LineHD Video Appliance Line

Are you struggling to find the space for the hardware required for your CCTV system? Are you looking for a simpler and cheaper video solution for installers and users?

New generation video appliances

The new generation of Avigilon HD Video Appliances both reduce the number of appliances required to get your CCTV system up and running and make the overall system much simpler to install and maintain. The video appliances combine the network switch, workstation, server and storage required to run your Avigilon CCTV system.

The appliances are available in 8, 16, and 24-Port models which will suit a range of CCTV systems. They can be easily added to an existing Avigilon video system, or set up as a standalone system for small to medium-scale surveillance.

This means that they can support the CCTV systems of small businesses as well as larger installations where advanced functionality such as RAID protection, larger storage, increased camera support, and superior overall performance is needed.

The video appliances integrate the Avilgilon Control Center video management software with a high-powered PoE switch and a client workstation. They are capable of supporting multi-megapixel IP cameras, up to our industry-leading 7K (30 MP) HD Pro camera line.

Avigilon encoders allow integration with analogue cameras

Remember with the use of Avigilon encoders an existing analogue system can be upgraded to be integrated into an Avigilon CCTV system and provides a simple way to add more advanced HD cameras onto an existing surveillance system.

Ecl-ips is a well-established Avigilon partner and has completed CCTV installations in a range of both large and small-scale settings – including industrial sites, schools and private properties – and can advise on the specification of video appliance your organisation would require.

We can provide a full audit of your existing CCTV system and consider your ongoing requirements. We also offer a free one week’s trial of the Avigilon system which allows you to understand the capability of cameras, the software and the video appliance. If you want to know more about the Avigilon system contact us.