Need to control numbers on a site? Paxton Access has a solution

We can offer free upgrades to its Net2 software so you have its latest advanced features

Checkpoint controlCheckpoint control

If you are looking to control the numbers in, and flow of people through, your building while COVID-19 still poses a risk to the health of staff or visitors, or in the future you are holding a special event, the Paxton’s Checkpoint Control feature on its Net2 software could provide a solution.

Currently this Paxton Access Control solution is designed to support COVID-secure sites which are likely to have just one entrance and exit area. As people enter, they can have their temperature checked, if that is necessary, and means that access into the building is restricted until a full validation is performed. Access can be verified manually in person or by using technology to support automated validation. The automated process works by identifying a person via their access credentials.

Within the building you can also create more check-in areas which provides extra security as well as protecting the health and safety of people as it can help to control overcrowding.

This feature follows the introduction of Net2 Occupancy Management which allows you to control the maximum number of people in any given area of your building. People who want to access an area would need to go through access control which will count them in. If the number of people breaches the maximum that you have set you can either require the system to deny access completely or a notification can be sent to a manager and action can be taken by them if required. By doing this you can control social distancing within your building.

If you are looking at these features and think they sound useful for you but you are not sure if you have the budget for them, they are actually completely free software upgrades we can provide if you already have the Net2 Pro software. By upgrading now, you will have the latest version of the software which is always more beneficial.

If you have the free version of Paxton Net2 access control this may be the time to think about switching to the paid -for version because of the enhanced features you will have. Included in the price is access to Net2Online, which allows you to control your system from a web browser and also access to Paxton Connect, giving you the ability to manage it from any mobile device. During the year Paxton has improved these features so managing your site remotely is easier than ever.

Why not take this opportunity to improve your access control system? If you contact us we would be happy to provide a full site assessment to ensure you are making the most of your Paxton Access Control software.