Coronavirus crisis: More homeworking makes IT monitoring vital

Ecl-ips is ready to offer monitoring solutions to keep your business running


At this time of uncertainty, caused by the Coronavirus crisis, keeping yourself and your family fit and healthy will be your priority. However, keeping businesses running is vital, and with more people homeworking, this will put a strain on IT systems.

IT teams that may all now be working from home will need to be closely monitoring company IT spaces and server rooms to ensure business continuity for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With less people going into offices or other commercial sites people may not notice issues, such as leaks or air conditioning unit failure, that could cause damage to IT equipment.

Therefore, remote real-time monitoring systems to make sure that IT equipment are running efficiently are essential. A broad range of server room monitoring hardware, software and services are available to provide businesses with the systems that they require to monitor server-rooms. The parameters include temperature, humidity/dewpoint, fluid, airflow, smoke, power, intrusion and third-party devices.

The real-time and power monitoring Ecl-ips provides, as an APC and Schneider Electric Partner, is comprehensive and brings together all the data collected at the touch of button. If environmental or power issues are detected alerts are created which can be routed both to desktop and mobile devices. This allows IT or facilities teams to be able to fix many of the common power and environmental issues remotely thus keeping these employees safer.

If you are concerned about power surges or blackouts during this time make sure you have the correct Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system to provide seamless transition between mains power failure and a battery backup. Meanwhile, intelligent power distribution units can distribute and manage electricity supply to servers and networking devices and provide a central unit to control and distribute electricity across a server room.

During this time when more employees homeworking and are away from offices, we will continue to offer fully hosted systems that include server room, data centre and communication room monitoring services as well as power monitoring and management systems.

Our fully-qualified engineers remain ready to support all businesses and provide monitoring, which also includes CCTV and access control, that can ensure buildings and IT infrastructure are kept safe and secure even when the staff are away. If we do need to carry out any site visits during this time engineers will ensure they maintain high standards of hygiene and will only attend if they are feeling fit and healthy.

As a small business ourselves we know this will be a challenging period for everyone but we hope some of the solutions we offer will give you peace of mind that your IT systems and server rooms are protected even if most of your staff are homeworking. If you need some expert advice on real-time monitoring contact us.