Covid-19: remote access control management

Net2 upgrades its advanced access control solutions

remote access controlremote access control

If you are responsible for the management of a number of business or other sites, such as educational campuses, then remote management of the access control of those sites could be incredibly beneficial at a time when we are all trying to manage the threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission.

In order to mitigate the risks of COVID-19 Ecl-ips is able to offer organisations the latest update of Paxton’s networked access control software Net2, Net2.v6.03, which has added functionality making remote monitoring of sites safer and more effective than ever. This follows the launch of Net2Online and the Paxton Connect app last year.

Their use reduces the amount of physical contact required for people to access buildings, but also for those managing the access to them, by making remote management and the security of sites more straightforward than ever before.

Sites can be easily managed via an internet browser or the smartphone app minimising the need for regular site visits. Paxton Connect, available for the iOS & Android operating systems and Net2Online are accessible from any device with an internet connection. They are completely free to existing users of Net2 Pro software, offering added convenience at no extra cost.

Paxton has developed this latest update based on customer feedback, following the initial launch of Net2Online & Paxton Connect, last year. Gareth O’Hara, the Chief Sales Officer for Paxton said: “We continue to focus our Web UI and app development by delivering the most useful aspects of our software. V6.03 delivers a number of very useful features for managing site security remotely.”

Remote access control management functions now available with the latest Net2 update include:

  • Lockdown – secures your site at the touch of a button and can quickly disable user access
  • Access Level Management – determines site areas users can access by creating exclusion zones
  • Advance Door Control – opens a door directly from your device wherever you are
  • Timezones – automates access to control movement of people at specific times
  • Event Filters – quickly finds specific events for site management

Ecl-ips prides itself on partnering with firms which provide advanced solutions which are simple for users and Paxton Net 2 is one such solution that has gradually improved as technology has developed since its original launch in 1999.

Paxton has also added to their video entry product line by launching their next generation standard monitor – the Entry Standard monitor. Again, this is a useful tool to reduce physical contact as is required in Coronavirus guidance.

If you use this monitor there is no need to greet visitors in person at the door instead it allows you to view guests via video before granting or denying access. This versatile product works as part of Paxton’s wider door entry system, Entry.

The new standard monitor offers a feature-rich and cost-effective solution for a range of applications – from schools and hospitals to offices and residential buildings. Like other Paxton products, this monitor is engineered with a focus on simplicity and ease-of-use.

The monitor includes advanced audio quality, full-duplex voice communication and a clear user interface on a 4.3” capacitive touch screen, making it the ideal choice for any building. Its simple user interface with call and event log can be easily personalised with 14 different theme designs and its smart new call snapshot feature enables you to see missed calls, so you should never miss a visitor.

The other options available under the entry control system are a cost-effective audio monitor or the premium monitor which has additional features such as concierge functionality.

Paxton’s door entry system is fully compatible with the Net2 access control system, as well as Paxton10 – the new unified access control and video management solution. The monitor also works as part of a standalone solution and comes with Paxton’s industry leading five-year warranty.

Ecl-ips is able to offer any of these solutions and as a CCTV specialist can also provide integration from Net 2 with third party CCTV systems.

To discuss with Ecl-ips the best access control solutions for you, and how they can be integrated with your other security and safeguarding arrangements, please contact us.