DCIM: Guaranteeing the smooth running of your IT hardware

Making sure real-time monitoring data is at your fingertips


Have you got an expanding business with your server room is expanding with it? Do you have effective management of your IT hardware? Do you have remote alerts allowing you to know if there is a system failure?

If you do not yet have software monitoring your IT hardware then you could be exposing your business to unnecessary risks associated with possible power loss or damage caused by environmental factors, such as leaks or high temperatures.

DCIM could be vital for your business

This is why Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) could be vital for your business as it will provide a holistic view of a data centre’s performance so that power, equipment, rack and floor space are used as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Ecl-ips is a supplier of Schneider Electric’s Data Center Expert DCIM software. This can help your company by monitoring power, security systems and factors such as humidity and temperature. This real-time monitoring, along with user-defined reports and graphs, and instant fault notification and escalation would enable you to assess issues that could adversely affect your IT systems.

IT and facilities managers are able to access the data from anywhere on the network. Additionally, as your business expands it is easy to add device licences and grow the system.

Another of the benefits of the Data Center Expert software includes the creation of a record of historical alerts from several appliances which can be accessed through one central database; custom reporting so you can save and schedule user-defined reports for ease of data collection, distribution and analysis and integrated data storage.

Alerts for mobile devices

In addition, alerts can be routed to mobile devices, which allows the IT and facilities teams to have a lighter touch, and be smaller and more mobile. This means that many of the common power and environmental issues can be fixed remotely or by working with other staff, without a time-consuming site visit if the IT team is based in another building.

Ecl-ips is an expert in real-time monitoring solutions and a well-established partner of Schneider Electric. If you would like to talk to Ecl-ips about the benefits of an effective DCIM system contact us.