Enhance and improve your entry system security with the Avigilon H4 Video Intercom

Identify and communicate with visitors and grant remote access with ease

The Avigilon H4 Video Intercom is an Entry System allowing visitors access from a remote areaThe Avigilon H4 Video Intercom is an Entry System allowing visitors access from a remote area

First Line of Defence

The Avigilon H4 Video Intercom is an enhanced security entry system and your first line of defence for maintaining secure remote entry points.

Therefore quality is key and you get just that with the 3 MP fisheye lens, which provides a high quality, wide-angle view to clearly capture individuals of different heights and has advanced technologies installed, such as LightCatcher™ and Adaptive IR, so staff can monitor entry in the most challenging of lighting conditions, including night-time.

An Entry System with Two-Way Communication

It’s good to talk. This is an entry sytem with a Bi-Directional Audio feature, which uses noise reduction and has echo cancellation so staff and visitors can have a clear two-way conversation through the intercom.

Appearance Search Technology*

A new development in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Avigilon have developed a sophisticated search engine for video!

Do you want to search for a person of interest from your video intercom, but don’t want to sit through hours of footage to track their movements?

Avigilon Appearance Search sorts through footage with ease, locating a specific person or vehicle of interest. You can take the characteristics of a person’s face, shape, size, colour, their clothing and accessories and do a quick search to record their exact movements.

*This feature is available if you purchase the Avigilon Control Center (ACC)™ video management software (VMS)

Receive, review and respond quickly and efficiently to entry requests with the Avigilon H4 Video Intercom.

For further information, including technical specifications, visit the Aviligon H4 Video Intercom product page.