How Avigilon analytics can help you….

Problems with trespassers on your land? You can control any unwanted visitor – here’s how!

Many CCTV cameras have inbuilt analytics.  These analytics identify both people and vehicles, so what ever your problem is you can help to control the issues by using strategically placed CCTV cameras.

What are analytics?

Avigilon’s analytics solutions provide a higher degree of accuracy in object notification, due to their patented technologies. Advanced video pattern-based algorithms are able to accurately recognise the movements and characteristics of people and vehicles while ignoring any activity that isn’t relevant to a scene. Teach by example technology allows users to provide feedback about the accuracy of alarms to refine the device’s self-learning capabilities. These sharper, smarter technologies provide far greater accuracy and fewer false alarms.


Video surveillance should include intelligence in monitoring, where the incorporation of video analytics into surveillance can be the difference between preventing an incident before it happens and dealing with the incident in its aftermath.  Would you like to be alerted when someone walks or drives onto your property?  This is just one of the benefits of a CCTV with analytics.

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