IT Monitoring: Don’t let your servers overheat

Ecl-ips offers a range of server room monitoring solutions

Server OverheatServer Overheat

The recent August heatwave in the UK provided a reminder about just how important to ensure you are looking after your IT hardware and making certain your servers are not likely to overheat.

Servers produce a lot of heat of their own which means keeping your server room at a controlled temperature is always important but hot weather means it is even more critical. If the equipment that is controlling the server room temperature fails you have even less time than usual to rectify the situation before the server becomes too hot.

If your server is actually in an environment that is regarded as suboptimal, for example, a cupboard, that may have become used for other storage purposes, then monitoring the space to ensure it does not overheat also becomes even more vital.

Ecl-ips can help ensure the continued good health of your server rooms by providing comprehensive real-time monitoring that will mean no matter how hot it gets your company will not suffer any IT downtime. We offer a broad range of real-time monitoring solutions from APC Netbotz. As well as the temperature of your server rooms they will monitor humidity/dewpoint, fluid, airflow, smoke, power, intrusion and third party devices. In addition, we can offer air conditioner solutions to keep your server rooms cool.

If you are a small company and need a quick monitoring solution the NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 is ideal. When you purchase a Netbotz 250 from you also get a wireless sensor starter kit, including a Zigbee wireless network coordinator and wireless temperature sensor, in addition to a wired temperature/humidity cable. This means the NetBotz 250 is ready to start protecting your IT environment within minutes.

In addition, Ecl-ips can offer the recently-launched APC Netbotz 750, which is the first of the V5 Netbotz appliances providing integrated surveillance, sensing, access control, and advanced alerting for IT environments of all sizes, from single-rack edge networks to large data centres.

By using Schneider Electric’s DataCenter Expert software with these appliances, you will be able to monitor your IT spaces on your desk top and mobile devices. Ecl-ips is also able to provide remote monitoring of IT spaces if your manpower is limited and is especially useful if you are working across a number of sites.

We are Schneider Electric and APC Netbotz specialists so for advice on all their real-time monitoring solutions please contact us.