JLT: Benefit consultants rely on Ecl-ips for monitoring needs

Long-term relationship means long-term quality service


Ecl-ips is an expert in real-time monitoring and data centre solutions. Risk Specialists and Employee Benefits Consultants JLT employed us to upgrade their power monitoring and management systems and to remotely host them in 2013 and we are still supporting JLT in 2019.

Long-term relationship shows service we provide

We believe this shows the high level of support and service we offer as well as the quality of the hardware and software we provide. For us providing a long-term relationship like this means that you will receive an ongoing long-term quality service.

Ecl-ips believes that all of the data that we collect through real-time monitoring should be available at the touch of a button, rather than being distributed across systems. This in turn, helps the business run in an efficient manner with no lost revenue due to the heating being too low or high, the air conditioning system not working, a burst pipe flooding the server room, etc.

We recommend the APC Netbotz Monitoring appliances and APC Smart-UPS devices and can advise companies on the most appropriate equipment that we can supply for them.

Power management is essential to guarantee business continuity, which JLT appreciates. It has grown as a business through acquisitions in recent years and now has around 10,000 employees based at over 100 offices in 33 countries including 40 sites in the UK.

Using the Schneider Electric software solution

The Schneider Electric software solution – the Ecl-ips-hosted StruxtureWare Data Centre Expert – allows both the JLT facilities team and its own help desk to monitor equipment at comms rooms across the UK and overseas. This means the JLT team, with Ecl-ips offering backup, can provide reliable monitoring and support even where there is no IT staff on site.

The solution we provide JLT has the added advantage that all alerts are routed to mobile devices, which allows the facilities team to have a lighter touch, and be smaller and more mobile. This means that many of the common power issues can be fixed by the team without a time-consuming site visit.

For more information on how we helped JLT, and therefore how we can help your business, take a look at the case study. If you require similar support and would like an audit so we can properly assess your server room monitoring needs please contact us.