Real-time Monitoring

With the modern pressures on data centres, server rooms and communication rooms, monitoring is key.

Real-time Monitoring: ensuring IT systems run smoothly

Real-time monitoring solutions can monitor a range of environmental and other factors which otherwise could cause disruption for your business. A broad range of real-time monitoring hardware, software and services is available to provide businesses with the systems that they require.

The products and services we offer allow a company to improve network reliability and availability while increasing the productivity of IT resources that are tasked with maintaining these networks. Appliances are simple, low cost and require no additional resource development.

The range of real-time monitoring solutions we offer:

APC NetBotz Monitoring

APC NetBotz devices from Schneider Electric offer an ideal solution if you would like to monitor your IT spaces and would like to incorporate video and audio.


Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is the convergence of IT and building facilities functions within an organisation.

Power Management

Eliminating power management issues is essential for IT and Facilities Managers to maintain system availability of increasing higher density equipment.

Cabinet Security

APC Netbotz Access Control Network appliances enabling remote or local access monitoring and control for your APC NetShelter SX enclosures.

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If we can help your company with its Real-time Monitoring needs contact us.

To improve your real-time monitoring we have experience in integrating a lot of third party devices from various manufacturers into our platforms. These will be monitoring a range of issues:

Location Monitoring 

Where are your assets within a building, data centre etc?

Fuel Tank Level Monitoring

Generators can have float valves fitted to provide us with an electronic fuel level so we can create an alert when it drops.

APC NetBotz 4-20mA Sensor Pod

Flow Rate Monitoring

Using analogue 0-5V or 4-20mA sensors we can and have in the past integrated with Flow rate sensors in water and gas pipes.

Cabinet Monitoring

Who has been in the server room? Who could have unplugged the router?

Leak Detection Monitoring

Raised floors can hide a multitude of sins that aren’t seen until it is too late.

Air Conditioning Monitoring

Is the system running efficiently? Does the system have a fault? Is the system condensing or not? Is the system leaking?

Door Monitoring

Is the door open or closed? Has the door been held open? Who was the last person to open the door?


“All alerts are also routed to our mobile devices, which allows us to have a lighter touch, smaller and more mobile team that can remotely carry out many of the common remedies such as power cycling without a time consuming site visit.”

Ritchie Coombs from JLT