Keeping your business secure: How Ecl-ips can help

A security audit can help you decide what you need

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If you are concerned about keeping your business premises secure there are a number of steps you can take to add more protection. You need to keep make your property as secure as possible but then if something does happen you need to be alerted as soon as possible or be able to offer evidence to the police if a break-in does occur.

Intruder Alarm systems and CCTV systems can both act as deterrents to burglars as the bell boxes and cameras are visible to them and it is necessary to provide signage to indicate that recording is taking place if you have CCTV.

The sound of the alarm, should a break-in still be attempted, also means that burglars may think twice about continuing or may mean they do not stay for as long because you can be notified that an alarm has been triggered with a mobile app or people in neighbouring businesses are likely to be alerted to an incident taking place.

Ecl-ips, an NSI-Gold accredited company,  can advise you on the extra steps you can take to keep your business premises secure. These are principally, installing an intruder alarm system and, we would recommend in many circumstances, installing a CCTV system and effective electronic access control. If you already have security systems but they are not performing how you want them to we can recommend improvements.

We are happy to work with our existing customers and others who may want to improve and update their security systems as well as people who are looking at the options for the first time. We can carry out a thorough security audit and produce our findings on a downloadable report. Our recommendations will show you can take a more integrated approach to your security and have more control over the systems.

To find out about our previous projects take a look at our case studies and if you want to know more about how we can help your business contact us.