Mobotix M15 Spotted in “The Martian” Film

Mobotix M15 external camera: Weatherproof, robust, shock and impact proof

We pride ourselves on our installations, customer service, and steadfast support. A component of this is what we install, and one of our most popular CCTV solutions is the Mobotix M15 external camera. True to the original, weatherproof, robust, shock and impact proof.

But spaceproof? Such a question would never have crossed my mind until I decided to watch “The Martian” earlier this week, and had to double take when I’m sure I spotted no other than a trusty M15 screwed into the airlock wall.


Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Nothing says more to the testament of the cameras reliability than to be the choice of NASA. Unfortunately, the astronaut pictured is actually in the process of planting a bomb, I’ll say no more (spoiler alert!) but I’ll leave it up to Mobotix to figure out whether their cameras are bomb-proof, because I’m certainly not up for testing that as an engineer.

The Mobotix M15, good enough for space stations, good enough for your business.

While we are not yet aware of CCTV moving into space high resolution CCTV and video surveillance has moved to the forefront globally as a strategic tool in protecting corporate and private assets. Providing one of the required tools for the war against terrorism, crime prevention, and public safety. Mobotix have been manufacturing intelligent IP Video systems with uncompromising reliability since 2000. In virtually all applications, one Mobotix camera can replace several standard CCTV systems because Mobotix technology offers four times more coverage.

For example, at the World Cup soccer stadium in Kaiserslautern, a single Mobotix camera monitors four turnstiles at the same time. Even an entire room can be monitored with one 90° wide-angle lens camera positioned in a corner of a room. The high-detail resolution not only means fewer cameras, but it also reduces the amount of cabling, backup-power requirement and storage systems, thus minimizing the overall costs of the system substantially.

Blog by David Smith – Support Engineer