Monitoring: Vital for reducing energy consumption and costs

Companies need to be proactive in responding to demands to reduce their carbon emissions

In the UK there are concerns about our energy capacity and how future energy supplies will be generated. There is also public demand for business to respond to climate change and reduce carbon emissions. Reducing energy consumption is an effective way for companies to respond to these challenges.

As an energy or facilities manager, you may have steep carbon or energy reduction goals but face a host of obstacles. These could include the age of buildings, no set energy management systems, shortage of staff and a team that is constantly fighting fires rather than proactively managing energy spend. Recent figures show that up to 35% of energy consumed in commercial, data centres and industrial buildings is wasted.  Power and energy monitoring is an effective means of reducing consumption and costs.

Monitoring and verification of your energy spend 365 days a year, seven days a week and 24 hours a day with energy management solutions will assist you in optimising your energy saving plan. Understanding and management of your base load is critical to achieving significant savings. Using a system to monitor lighting, heating, cooling and general power circuits is essential to enable granular monitoring of your energy consumption and will allow you to analyse where energy is being used.

The power and energy monitoring systems Ecl-ips provides are suitable for offices, factories, schools, shared offices, leisure facilities, server rooms, data centres, co-location facilities and warehouses. Power and energy management systems can be retro-fitted in existing buildings or incorporated into new builds.

Most energy monitoring naturally evolves into energy management. After all, it’s only logical that once you understand your usage patterns, which of the individual machines in your facility are the heaviest consumers, how your consumption fluctuates, and what types of changes are needed, you will want to automate and control these things to make your business more energy efficient.

Ecl-ips are experts in energy monitoring and recommends solutions developed by Schneider Electric. To find out more contact us.