NSI Audits: Full audit programme begins again

Ecl-ips: Proud to be NSI Gold Accredited


Ecl-ips was recognised as a National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold accredited company in August 2019. As part of our accreditation we are subject to regular NSI audits to monitor our continuing compliance.

NSI audits require full compliance with industry standards including elements which are ‘recommended’ codes of best practice. This means our customers can be sure of full compliance to standards, not simply lip service. The audits also assess our quality management system and aim to ensure that we are progressively improving our working practices.

NSI audits are taking place again

During the Coronavirus lockdown all NSI audits were suspended and NSI approvals expiring between 1st March and 31st May 2020 were extended for a limited period unless evidence dictated otherwise. However, NSI restarted its audit programme at the beginning of June and the audit of Ecl-ips is currently being rescheduled.

The NSI was able to begin audits again after government guidance in May that allowed all employers to resume activity in the workplace where appropriate, including professional services that cannot be delivered remotely, such as NSI on-site audits.

NSI said it would use a combination of remote audit and on-site audit capability in accordance with guidelines recently issued to its approved companies. Remote audit could be used at NSI’s discretion for assessing ‘Management System’ requirements, whilst on-site audits would gather evidence of compliance to technical product standards.

Social distancing and other rules are being observed

The accreditation body said it recognised all Government guidance regarding social distancing and health and safety during the pandemic, whilst delivering meaningful certification and approval. This meant the NSI would be putting people first – including its staff, approved companies, and the public.

NSI said that adjustments to audit programmes would be made on a case by case basis as NSI worked proactively with approved companies to ensure audit programmes are fulfilled in a timely fashion. NSI has indicated that when audits find evidence of non-compliances that are COVID-19 related they would be reported in “Auditor Notes” without recourse to raising Improvement Needs and Observations. The NSI’s staff are continuing to work remotely and its head office remains closed.

NSI Chief Executive Richard Jenkins stated: “As the UK continues its easing of lockdown measures the Security and Fire Safety sector is adapting to operate COVID safe environments in line with Government guidance, focusing on the protection and safety of staff, customers and the wider public. As such approved companies will now be in a position to provide NSI with suitable and sufficient evidence to award and maintain approval, through a combination of remote and on-site audits.

“It is clear approved companies are genuinely striving to maintain standards during the pandemic, which NSI will formally be recognising when audits are delivered.”

Ecl-ips is committed to constantly improving its business practices and offering you an improved customer experience and choosing an NSI Gold accredited company gives you peace of mind and could mean you pay lower insurance premiums. We recommend that you take a look at the NSI website which explains exactly why you should choose an NSI Gold company.

Ecl-ips has continued to provide our full portfolio of services

In line with NSI guidance, issued at the end of March, Ecl-ips was able to work on sites during the lockdown in order to provide essential services to our customers. Currently we are able to go on sites to install new, and to maintain, CCTV and access control systems while following the government guidance on working safely during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Don’t forget our working hours remain the same and you can still call us on 01527 872000 and email us: [email protected] or use the form on our contact us page.