Oleo/T A Savery & Co Testimonial

Ecl-ips fulfills a challenging brief


Customer: Oleo (T A Savery & Co Ltd)

Location: Coventry

Requirement: To install digital CCTV cameras

Solution: Avigilon digital CCTV cameras

Services: Installation and ongoing support and maintenance

Customer’s View: “From reading some of the case studies on their website, it seemed as if they had an open minded attitude and a willingness to innovate, two things that were essential on this project. This impression was confirmed when I spent a morning with them discussing the project requirements. I was also reassured they were willing to invest that length of time with me exploring the possibilities and looking at options.” Paul Duffy, Diamond Ocean, technical adviser to Oleo

Oleo International, a trading name of T A Savery & Co Ltd, is a leading expert in energy absorption technology.

Oleo has been producing energy absorption solutions for over 60 years and has over 1,000,000 units in circulation worldwide. In April 2015 the company was awarded the Queen’s Award for International Trade.

Oleo recently constructed the world’s tallest elevator buffer testing tower at its headquarters in Coventry. Elevator buffers sit at the bottom of an elevator shaft and are a vital last safety mechanism in the unlikely event that all other safety mechanisms fail. They work by absorbing the impact of the free falling elevator, saving the lives of the elevator’s occupants.

Recognising the testing tower was an industry first, Oleo’s Marketing Manager Sandy Andringa wanted to record its construction to use in marketing activity. She commissioned freelance film maker Paul Duffy of Diamond Ocean, who had worked with the company previously, to investigate camera solutions. Paul had a very clear brief: he was looking for a camera that could be used in two distinct ways. Firstly, a fully weatherproofed camera needed to be installed externally to produce footage that could be used in a time lapse film showing the tower’s construction.

Secondly, once construction was finished, that camera, along with two additional cameras, needed to be installed inside the tower so they could be used in a testing capacity. This would enable Oleo’s technical team to examine each elevator buffer test and, in the case of a problem, pinpoint exactly when it occurred and have access to valuable data to help solve it.

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