Paxton Net2v5 Software Download released

Net2 access control just got smarter

There are some great new features in the Paxton Net2v5 software release that will make your day to day tasks more manageable. Such as Improved look and feel, greater flexibility to allow the user  to have more functionality of the system than in previous versions and intelligent features to allow for the integration of CCTV cameras and Intruder Alarm systems.  All IP cameras are compatible for integration with the New Net2v5 Software.  It is also possible to integrate with fire and intruder alarm systems where an unused input is available.

What are the new features?

  • Landlord Tenant (Net2 Pro only)
  • Custom days (Net2 Pro only)
  • Temporary access permissions
  • Improved Net2 Entry integration with Net2 software
  • Improved door control
  • Turnstile mode

Take a look at the new Paxton Software Features Table

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