Paxton10 Software: Multi-site Making Access Control Easier

Being able to manage the access control of multiple sites where ever you are will give you peace of mind

Paxton10 softwarePaxton10 software

Ecl-ips is excited to be able to offer the latest improvement from Paxton Access Control to the Paxton10 software – Paxton10 Multi-Site, which means you can now manage multiple sites using Paxton10 Cloud Services.

Accessible from any device with an internet connection, the Paxton10 software makes it easy to manage and monitor the security of your site and provides you with an integrated online access control and video management solution.

As a Paxton10 customer you have access to the web-based user interface at no extra charge and there are no licence fees making it a cost-effective solution allowing you to manage your entire access control and CCTV system from one server. This can span buildings, cities, countries and continents with no complicated setup or physical network required.

Paxton10, is scalable up to 100 sites on a single system with up to 1,000 doors, 1,000 cameras and 50,000 users and perfect if you want to start small but future-proofs you ready for business expansion.

The features within the web-based interface allow you to manage building security and video surveillance with your own customised dashboards, run event reports, view live and recorded video, and create and manage users all in one place.

This latest update to the Paxton10 software follows previous improvements to their apps and remote services. The Paxton Key app allows you access through doors with your smartwatch, smartphone or tablet and even works without taking the device out of your bag or pocket! This makes providing access even more convenient than ever without compromising security.

Meanwhile Paxton Connect contains five features in one platform allowing you to manage multiple sites from a smartphone, tablet or browser. Features include the ability to open doors remotely from wherever you are, add, delete and edit users, quickly establish where users are in the event of an emergency and view default Paxton10 reports live or from the last 365 days, wherever you have an internet connection.

Ecl-ips is a well-established partner of Paxton which is a UK-based manufacturer and developer of innovative access control solutions. If you want to know more contact us, by booking an online chat with us or giving us a call on 01527 872000, and we will be happy to help.