Protecting students: Detecting anti-social behaviour and aggression

We offer the HALO Smart Sensor that can help

students outside school zero-tolerancestudents outside school zero-tolerance

Creating a calm learning environment where all children feel safe is a challenge for secondary schools, and for new students, in particular, they can be an intimidating place. Badly behaved pupils can disrupt others and sometimes will damage school property.

Tackling anti-social behaviour so that staff time is not consumed by a minority of students that are trouble-makers is possible by using the HALO Smart Sensor. This device can be placed discreetly in private areas, such as school toilets and changing rooms, that would be unsuitable for video camera surveillance.

HALO Smart Sensor learns when noises become too loud

The HALO Smart Sensor monitors anti-social behaviour via its aggression detection feature. By applying machine learning the HALO learns what normal sound levels are and alerts when a threshold above normal is detected for a specified length of time.

The device can then pick up when a number of children have gathered together, students shouting, signs of fighting or pupils potentially being bullied by others. An alert will be sent by email to designated staff when the abnormal noise levels are detected and action can be taken quickly.

This means that perpetrators of aggression against other students or those vandalising school property within toilets can be stopped and dealt with as soon as an incident occurs. Being able to do this should act as a deterrent but also means that repeat offenders can be dealt with more effectively by the school.

With its two inbuilt microphones, HALO Smart Sensor can also respond to calls for help from staff or students using specific keywords. Users can select from a list of pre-programmed help words which when shouted out will generate an alert so that staff can rapidly deal with emergency situations.

Meanwhile, if students choose to try and damage the HALO Smart Sensor devices, they will discover they are more robust than they look and boast an IK10 rating, which means they are built to withstand heavy impacts. Additionally, the HALO has an alert that will notify you if it is being tampered with.

Schools impressed by improved behaviour of students

Schools we have supplied with the Halo Smart Sensors already have usually contacted us initially because of the rise of vaping among their students. The HALO is the only product that can alert and differentiate between vaping, vaping with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is found in cannabis, and intentionally masking vaping behaviour, for example, by using aerosols to cover up vaping.  The Halo Smart Sensor is also the only sensor on the market that can detect ‘Heat Not Burn’ vapes, ensuring the Halo can detect all varieties of vapes.

However, most of the schools are impressed by the HALO because it has reduced anti-social behaviour within their toilets. For example, John Speller, facilities manager at Hanley Castle High School, said, “We have really cracked down on antisocial behaviour in our toilet blocks.”

Meanwhile, Matthew Carpenter, principal at Baxter College in Kidderminster, said, “It has transformed the amount of antisocial behaviour in toilets, children are more confident in going to the toilets. It has also reduced the number of students asking to go to the toilet during lessons.”

If your school is concerned about the level of anti-social behaviour among students or has suffered from vandalism then the HALO Smart Sensor can help you tackle this along with vaping. If you want support to provide protection to your staff and students then contact us to find out more.