Server Room Monitoring: Improving IT support services

Ecl-ips can provide a range of sensors to ensure your server room is properly monitored

Server RoomServer Room

With so much important equipment in a server room effective real-time monitoring is vital. The hardware and equipment such as air conditioning systems can be at risk of malfunction which could threaten your business continuity.

Ecl-ips is able to supply a number of products which together form a comprehensive monitoring solution for your data centres and server rooms. For example, servers can be at risk of overheating therefore temperature sensors can be fitted to ensure that this is detected early before your networks are disabled.

Meanwhile a server room door or cabinet being left open by a member of staff could mean heat escapes and leaves equipment at risk of interference from others. Door sensors can detect when doors have been left ajar ensuring any potential dangers are dealt with swiftly.

Equally an air conditioning unit, which is vital to keep the temperature under control, if not properly maintained may break down.  A faulty air conditioning unit can be a cause of too much humidity, which could result in condensation and in water dripping onto your hardware. To monitor these kind of problems Ecl-ips can supply humidity sensors and leak rope sensors which provide early detection of fluid in your server room.

Conversely if the air in the server room becomes too dry there is a high risk of electrostatic discharge (ESD). Sometimes the heat generated can be so intense that extremely small plastic parts in sensitive electronic devices can melt, leading to a much shorter useful life. Again, this emphasises the need for humidity sensors.

Power surges or loss of power is still one of the major risks businesses face so Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems are essential as they instantly respond to power outages and can support equipment until mains power is available or a generator is active. As our earlier blog explained UPS battery monitoring is also vital to ensure these systems stay efficient. We can supply the UPS and monitoring systems you require to ensure your business keeps running.

The communications monitoring packages we supply for your server room means Ecl-ips can support your IT support departments to deliver a higher level of service because they can can now react to problems more quickly and efficiently whether they are working on-site or staff are operating remotely. For more information contact us.