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Avigilon Unity Video mobile app extends the power of the video management software to mobile devices, enabling you to efficiently monitor your CCTV system and to quickly respond to incidents anytime and from any location that has network connectivity.

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The Unity Video mobile app (or its predecessor the Avigilon Control Center/ACC Mobile 3) works together with Avigilon Unity Cloud Services to provide secure remote access to your cloud-connected Avigilon Unity Video (or Avigilon Control Center/ACC) sites, alleviating the need for any complicated firewall configuration. The app can be downloaded from Google play or the Apple Store.

The Unity Video mobile app is available for use with Avigilon Unity Video Core, Standard, and Enterprise edition sites if you have Avigilon Unity Video software 8.0.4 or later.

If you have ACC software you will use the ACC Mobile 3 app. Whether connecting through Avigilon Unity Cloud Services (ACC or a more recent version) or directly (ACC 6.2.0 or a more recent version), Unity Video mobile requires Avigilon Unity sites to be running the ACC Web Endpoint component. The ACC Web Endpoint is pre-installed on Avigilon Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and High Definition Video Appliances (HDVAs), is part of the firmware for ACC ES Recorders and ACC ES Appliances, and is available as a separate download for any server running on Windows. Ecl-ips can advise you on the right app to use and get you started if you have the appropriate video management software.

With the Avigilon Unity Video (or the earlier ACC Mobile 3 app), users can:

  • Sign in using Avigilon Unity Cloud Services credentials for seamless access to an organisation’s cloud-connected sites using firewall traversal
  • Directly connect to your Avigilon sites not connected to Avigilon Unity Cloud Services by specifying an IP address or hostname, port, and ACC credentials for each one
  • View live or recorded video from any H.264 or H.265 cameras connected to ACC sites
  • Efficiently stream live or recorded HD video from Avigilon cameras using High Definition Stream Management (HDSM)™ technology to optimize the use of network bandwidth
  • Receive push alarm notifications to quickly detect, verify, and act on events such as motion or video analytic rule triggers
  • View analytic bounding boxes for detected people and vehicles in video from Avigilon cameras with self-learning analytics
  • Use audio talk down to deter an intruder by broadcasting voice audio to cameras with connected speakers (not available for Core edition)
  • Listen to live or recorded audio from cameras with a connected microphone (not available for Core edition)
  • Easily review recorded video using the recorded video timeline
  • Control PTZ cameras including running tours and moving to defined presets
  • View live video from multiple cameras at a time using selectable view layouts

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