ACC7: Helping you deal with security challenges

Ecl-ips can offer advanced analytics and AI-driven CCTV from Avigilon

Avigilon Control center security challengesAvigilon Control center security challenges

If you are head of security for a retail park, sports stadium or entertainments venue then being able to control crowds, deal with challenges such as criminal or antisocial behaviour and pinpoint particular individuals quickly is vital.

Additionally, if you are trying to keep students secure and safe on a large school or college campus – whether that is protecting them against bullying or from intruders or ensuring they do not break rules against smoking or vaping you need to be able to deal with situations sensitively and intelligently.

Having enough trained security personnel or other members of staff is important but they need the right information to be able to deal with situations properly and take decisions that will calm down incidents or involve law enforcement when this is necessary.

This is when an advanced surveillance system can make all the difference by providing you with the visual and factual information, such as dates, times and locations. Additionally, you will be able to identify individuals or pick up on unusual behaviour that could warrant extra attention from security staff.

The capabilities of the Avigilon Control Center 7 (ACC7) gives you all the information you need to provide the intelligent surveillance necessary to deal with security and safeguarding in this broad range of sites. When combined with the right H5A cameras embedded with analytics and body-worn cameras for front-line and security staff you will have a surveillance system that helps all of you respond the challenges you will face.

Appearance Search

Avigilon Appearance Search video analytics technology is a sophisticated deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) search engine for video. As a head of security it means you know that if your staff have the information about the appearance of an individual, or a vehicle, it sorts through hours of video with ease, to quickly locate them across an entire site. The Appearance Search technology incorporates the characteristics of a person’s face, enabling the technology to search for the same person, even if items such as their clothing change over time. Appearance Search technology was further expanded within ACC7 so that you can now search for a person or vehicle in both crowded and indoor environments giving you even more support when dealing with security challenges.

Additionally, to help those viewing the CCTV footage ACC 7 introduced an enhanced analytical feature that not only puts people and vehicle in boxes to highlight them, it also shows you what the subject is by putting a car or a person symbol at the top of the box. The improved video analytics of ACC7 also means vehicles can now be identified as being cars, lorries, buses, motorbikes or pedal bikes.

Facial Recognition Enables the creation of Watch Lists

If you have ACC 7.4 or a higher version of the software its facial recognition technology allows you to create multiple watch lists and you can upload photographs to add an individual to a watch list. Users can populate and manage the multiple watch lists by either adding faces from Appearance Search, uploading reference images, or finding appearances of the person through recorded video. The Identity Retention settings also allow face match events and Appearance Search metadata to be aged out ahead of video if desired.

Avigilon H5A cameras licensed for facial recognition technology have the ability to detect faces. ACC matches the face comparisons to identify potential matches against the configured face watch list or lists. Licenses can be purchased to enable facial recognition technology for general purpose security systems. This enables deployment across as many cameras as possible, rather than just a limited number of specially-positioned cameras, and helps increase the likelihood of detecting a person of interest and for you to deal with the security challenge in a timely manner.

Focus of Attention Interface

The Focus of Attention (FoA) interface was introduced with the ACC7 software and provides users with a more intuitive way to consume information about potential security events. As a head of security it gives you peace of mind that your staff will be using the CCTV as efficiently as possible.

It shows users how the cameras are connected and has nodes that represent each camera. These are grouped in a honeycomb formation according to how cameras are organised. Powered by Avigilon cameras and appliances with self-learning and next-generation analytics, the FoA interface uses artificial intelligence to detect and flag events that may require your attention. They are highlighted visually in color-coded nodes to indicate different levels of importance helping you prioritise your response to events.

It also provides a clean and simple display to verify security event notifications. With just a simple mouse hover over the illuminated node, operators can preview the live video or click into the node to expand it for a closer review and replay of the event.

Detecting Unusual Activity

Avigilon has developed two cutting-edge AI  technologies to make it easy to detect unusual events and people which will provide even more support for you as a head of security or as the CCTV operator. Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) is able to continuously learn what typical activity in a scene looks like, and then detect and flag unusual motion. It requires no predefined rules or setup to do this. Within the FoA interface it is flagged in teal. UMD technology is embedded on the Avigilon H4A, H4 Mini Dome and H4SL cameras.

Meanwhile, Unusual Activity Detection (UAD) is designed to enable the detection of atypical activities, such as people and vehicles travelling at faster speeds or are in unusual locations and alert operators. In the FoA interface it is flagged as a yellow event. UAD technology is also embedded in the Avigilon H5A camera range, offering high-powered AI capabilities on these latest most advanced cameras.

Advanced analytics capabilities

  • Licence Plate Recognition (LPR): Avigilon LPR analytics automatically reads vehicle number plate information from vehicles, linking it to live and recorded video. This enables security operators to search and quickly find specific captured license plate video for verification and investigation. Additionally you can create number plate watch lists so that the ACC7 software can provide you with security alerts.
  • Improved Detection Speed and Accuracy; The processing power of ACC7 enables the tracking and classification of over 50 objects. Previous analytics classified objects only when they were moving, now objects are additionally classified if they remain stationary assisting you to deal effectively with all security challenges.
  • Developments to respond to COVID19 Pandemic: Facial recognition technology has been developed to allow for detection of people not wearing face masks so you can take action if you wish to enforce the wearing of face coverings. Additionally there is the capability for social distancing and occupancy counting technology.

Creating an effective surveillance system

Ecl-ips can support you as a head of security or a business owner or manager to develop a bespoke surveillance system that makes the most of Avigilon’s CCTV technology. ACC7, combined with the right cameras, can help you deal with security challenges more easily. If you want to know more, please contact us.