Motorola Solutions VT 100 Body-worn Camera

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The VT100 integrates seamlessly with existing CCTV infrastructure. Wi-Fi streaming combines live body-worn video and audio with fixed security camera footage.

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Motorola Solutions VT100 body-worn cameras are designed to extend and enrich your current CCTV system by providing live, first-person perspective video and audio from confrontational incidents between staff members and the public. The VT100 offers a new perspective when it matters most.

You can protect staff and customers with a body-worn camera that’s intuitive to operate and simple to manage. Simple operation and long battery standby ensure the VT100 integrates seamlessly with existing workflows. Video is secured on the VT100 to protect the integrity of your footage and support data protection compliance.

The lightweight VT100 is designed for customer-facing teams and can be customised for seamless integration with existing workwear to boost your brand and deliver extra reassurance. The front tag can include your logo and brand colors to make the VT100 an integral part of your staff uniform.

When implemented alongside fixed-video deployments and integrated with Avigilon Control Center (ACC), activation of a body-worn camera recording generates a motion start event in ACC software and displays the camera’s live video feed to the system operator alongside video feeds from fixed cameras, allowing security personnel to gain complete situational awareness and respond accordingly.


  • Video Management Software integration
  • Remote alarm activation
  • Up to 3 hours continuous recording
  • Six month stand-by battery-life 16GB recording storage capacity
  • Full HD recording
  • Wi-Fi® streaming capabilities
  • Flexible mounting options

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