APC Netbotz 250: A complete monitoring solution

Is your server room being monitored effectively? If it isn't Ecl-ips can provide the perfect solution.

NetBotz 250NetBotz 250

Are you a facilities or IT support manager having to maintain a data centre, ensuring that leaks, humidity or overheating equipment do not cause damage or power failure? We can provide a monitoring solution to help you manage your IT spaces.

If the answer is yes then fortunately, Ecl-ips can provide a comprehensive monitoring solution that will ensure that all of the support systems in your business premises are running efficiently and effectively by providing early warnings of any potential issues.

The hardware solution we provide is the APC NetBotz 250 Rack Monitor from APC by Schneider Electric which works with its Struxureware Data Center Expert software to ensure server rooms are properly monitored.

Companies all recognise that your IT equipment are critical assets but staff can not be everywhere to monitor the equipment. At the same time business continuity is paramount for all companies. Sometimes companies operate on several sites but the IT staff responsible for servers are only based on one of those so must support the others remotely. The NetBotz 250 and the Data Center Expert software allows you to do this.

The Netbotz 250 is an active, scalable monitoring solution designed to protect against physical, environmental or human threats, that can cause disruption to IT assets. The immediate detection of any problems minimises IT downtime by preventing an outage or by enabling a rapid response by staff. Problems are solved before they become catastrophic and result in disruption for IT users.

We are currently selling this comprehensive monitoring solution at one of the most competitive prices on the market – £350 (excluding VAT) with free next day delivery. When you buy the NetBotz 250 Rack Monitor you will also receive a wireless sensor starter kit, including a Zigbee wireless network co-ordinator and wireless temperature sensor and a wired temperature / humidity sensor. This means that the NetBotz 250 is a great starter kit to help you protect your IT environment within minutes. Just go to our shop to buy online.

We are experts in environmental and security monitoring and if you would like us to install the NetBotz 250 Rack Monitor please contact us.