Avigilon Control Center 6.0 VMS Update

Avigilon Control Center 6.0 video management software with Avigilon Appearance Search - Now Available


What does the upgrade mean for you?

  • Avigilon Appearance Search Technology
  • Improved Bookmark Search
  • Licenses can be aggregated and not tied to individual servers within the site
  • Standard edition now has 21 rules for increased analytic detection
  • ACC 6.0 Enterprise edition makes it possible to license larger installations with fewer product keys
  • Improved security

The Avigilon Appearance Search technology is a sophisticated search engine for video data that enables users to quickly locate a specific person of interest across an entire site, saving valuable time and effort during investigations. It works with Avigilon video analytics cameras to generate, record, and classify video data for effective searches. The technology is a core feature of ACC 6.0 Enterprise edition, so it doesn’t require a separate license.

The Avigilon Control Center 6.0 is available now.

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Avigilon Control Center 6.0 Release Notes