CCTV Audit: Making sure the cameras are meeting your needs

Our engineers can carry out a comprehensive audit of your CCTV system

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Are you concerned that your CCTV system is not fulfilling your needs? We can carry out a CCTV audit to assess what you have and suggest improvements.

It may be that you still have analogue cameras and find image retrieval is difficult and images are of a low quality. You may have an HD system but the cameras have been positioned poorly or the type of camera used is just not doing the job that you want.

Whatever the current issue our qualified engineers will be able to audit your site – inside and outside where necessary – and make recommendations on the placing of cameras and the types required.

If you are working to a budget, we can suggest a phased approach to achieving the end result. For example, some analogue cameras and even existing HD cameras, such as those from Mobotix, could be retained and integrated into the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software so that all images can be located on one system. This is the approach taken at Regency High School, for example.

We can also recommend the most appropriate cameras for the various areas of your building that will be the most cost-effective solution. For example, if a room has multiple entrances a fisheye camera may be recommended because it means a single camera can see multiple places in a room.

If there is a need to view long distances and then zoom in on a subject, for example, in a car park, PTZ cameras may be necessary. On a large site the engineers may recommend multi-sensor cameras.

We have worked across a range of sectors to install CCTV systems. This includes a number of schools, factory and office sites as well as large private houses. This makes us well placed to understand the needs of different sectors and make detailed assessments of the different settings before providing our recommendations.

Our CCTV audit will be thorough and authoritative and we will provide you with a written report and plans showing the positions that we believe cameras should go into. If you then want to engage us to install CCTV we can offer a week’s free trial of the Avigilon system to help you understand it and to appreciate the ACC software.

If you need a company to audit your CCTV system look no further than Ecl-ips.