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Atmos Vr intruder alarm systemAtmos Vr intruder alarm system

Customer: Atmos VR 

Location: Digbeth, Birmingham 

Requirement: Atmos VR opened their virtual reality (VR) entertainment centre, In A Box 3, in Digbeth in October 2021 and installed an intruder alarm system which is a security feature stipulated by its insurance company, Aviva. 

Solution: Grade 3 Orisec Intruder alarm system including Dual Technology detectors, TMDs, Door contacts Roller shutter contacts and an Orisec Keypad.  Orisec Intruder Alarm

Services: Design and installation of an intruder alarm system ensuring that we met with the specific requirements of Atmos VR and their insurer. This included the provision of a high-performance dual path Alarm Transmission System which provides notifications to our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).  

Additionally, we installed Orisec’s mobile app so that the system can be managed remotely.

Customer’s View: The best thing about the system is that we can arm / disarm it remotely! 

Atmos VR was founded by Kevin Blair in 2016. He was inspired by the potential to entertain the public by immersing them in large scale VR  experiences. He has spent the last three years developing his own VR location-based entertainment (LBE) experience.  

Kevin also believes in the potential of VR to support business and other large organisations because of its ability to simulate physical events and processes which could support training and skills development. He believes Atmos VR can offer a unique experience for organisations and individuals look at new ways of working and being entertained, in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Atmos Vr3Atmos VR opened a new VR entertainment centre, In A Box 3, in Digbeth in Oct 2021 and had to install an intruder alarm system to meet the requirements of their insurance company, Aviva. 

Sandra Evans, Executive Assistant to the Directors at ATMOS VR, contacted three companies and felt that Ecl-ips were the best in terms of all round understanding of what they needed. She knew this was a challenging project as at the time Atmos VR hadn’t built all the spaces within the venue.  

Aaron Kernaghan, Managing Director of Ecl-ips, had to work with Aviva to ensure that the system met all their requirements. He took time to help Atmos VR and also joined a zoom call with the insurer to check the intruder alarm system was compliant with their requirements. 

Sandra said: “Aaron did a great job of surveying the site and advising us on what was required.” 

The installation team were excellent, Steve in particular was with us on every day of the install and went the extra mile to get everything done on time, despite some challenges as we’d made changes to some of the areas during the build.” Sandra Evans

Following the discussions with Atmos VR and the site survey Aaron designed a Grade 3 Orisec Intruder alarm system which included dual tech sensors, door contacts, roller shutter contacts and also some TMD sensors.  

Orisec intruder alarm products are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom and are only available from professional installers. Ecl-ips has selected Orisec as one of its alarm suppliers because its products are reliable and easy to install and its cloud portal and app are simple to use while also offering advanced features which customers like Atmos VR appreciate. Orisec App Hand 1

Grade 3 intruder alarm systems are designed to give extra protection and are particularly required for commercial sites that contain high value assets. They are designed to combat burglars with advanced knowledge of alarm systems and who may have specialist equipment to assist in gaining entry to your site. The intruder alarm system protects all potential entry points of a building perimeter.  

Ecl-ips designed added protection for the Atmos VR premises through an ARC. Once an activation signal is sent to a monitoring centre, for example, a detector being triggered, the monitoring team carefully filter activations. Alerts that are false alarms are filtered out, while confirmed alerts will be responded to and those requiring a police response will be acted on. 

Sandra said: “Following the installation, a representative of our landlord, entered through the rear fire exit and had quite a shock when the alarm went off. It triggered the monitoring process and they called us straight away – not ideal but at least we know it works! 

We would recommend Ecl-ips to anyone looking to install a similar security alarm system, Sandra added. 

(Since this installation the company went into administration in 2023)

Download a copy of the Atmos VR Case Study PDF