H5 SL Cameras: A cost-effective security solution

Avigilon releases its easiest-to-install camera range

H5 SL camerasH5 SL cameras

Are you looking for CCTV cameras that can be installed with the minimum amount of fuss so causing little disruption for your premises? North American manufacturer, Avigilon, says its H5 SL range is one of its easiest-to-install cameras, providing you with a simple, flexible and cost-effective security solution.

We can provide a fast CCTV installation

Established UK Avigilon CCTV camera installer, Ecl-ips, is now selling the H5 SL camera range which has a modular design that easily snaps into a variety of base options. This means we can it get up and running in minutes. The models available are bullet, outdoor and indoor domes.

We can also offer you the choice of various lens types, including a new long-range lens that allows you to see with more clarity at farther distances. They are available as 1.3 megapixels, 2 megapixels, 3 megapixels and 5 megapixels cameras. Meanwhile the audio and input and output connections allow us to configure actions and alarms so you can respond quickly and efficiently if there is an incident on your site.

Standout features of Avigilon H5 SL cameras:

  • Patented HDSM SmartCodec technology
  • LightCatcher Technology: exceptional detail in a low-light setting
  • Wide-dynamic Range: capturing details in both very dark and very light settings
  • Adaptive Infra-Red (IR): Automatically adjusts IR beam width and exposure settings based on scene conditions to help maximise image quality
  • Five-year, industry leading warranty

The H5 SL cameras, integrated with Avigilon’s video management software, the latest upgrade of which is the Avigilon Control Center 7, will provide your company with a CCTV system that will have outstanding image quality but is also easy to use. When you need to look back at an event and to pinpoint footage when an incident has occurred you will be able to do this quickly and efficiently.

Ecl-ips provides CCTV systems for a range of clients and properties from country houses, manufacturing sites and commercial premises to schools. We offer a free one-week trial of the Avigilon system that provides us with an opportunity to demonstrate to you just how powerful the system is. If you need a high quality and reliable CCTV system contact us.