Avigilon NVR5: Effortlessly efficient and high-performing security

Offering high density video storage

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If you need to ensure you have the latest video analytics, efficient storage and robust security for your CCTV footage then it will be worth taking a look at the latest fifth-generation Avigilon Network Video Recorder (NVR5).

This NVR range boasts a 15% faster data processing power than off-the-shelf servers and comes preloaded with Avigilon Unity Video software. There is a model to suit every size of business offering high density storage at a single location:

  • NVR5 Value: up to 24TB
  • NVR5 Standard: up to 64TB
  • NVR5 Premium up to 224TB
  • NVR5 Premium High-density up to 432TB

Coming embedded with Avigilon Unity Video makes the NVR5 appliances a cost-effective option. NVR5 range will support advanced features such as Avigilon Appearance Search, Facial Recognition and License Plate Recognition (LPR) analytics.

This solution allows you to connect Avigilon and third-party IP cameras, as well as analogue CCTV cameras when you use Avigilon encoders. This means you can manage your surveillance system efficiently and simply via the Avigilon Unity Video platform.

The value models are embedded with Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise. The standard NVR5 models can be offered with Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise or Microsoft Windows Server 2019. The Premium and Premium High-density appliances come with Microsoft Windows Server 2019.

In order to provide reliable storage, protect your data and to maintain a resilient system the appliances are RAID configured. The Premium and Standard models include reliable hard drives with RAID 6 or 60 redundancy. Additionally, to strengthen cybersecurity the NVR5 comes with a built-in module to support hardware authentication and data encryption.

The value model comes with a warranty of three years, with the option to extend this for a further two years, and the rest have a five-year Avigilon warranty as standard. Additionally, all appliances come preloaded with Microsoft software.

We will work with you to ensure you have the right NVR5 appliance with the correct Microsoft software for your organisation. Whether you already have an Avigilon system and want to upgrade, or you are looking for the advanced analytics of Avigilon Unity Video 8 we can help.

Additionally, we offer a free site survey and can audit any existing CCTV system you have to ensure the cameras will still meet your needs. If you want to understand more about the benefits of the NVR5 range, or the Avigilon Unity Video software, please get in touch.