Avigilon’s H4 SL Camera Range: Exceptional image quality

The H4 SL camera range has a vandal resistant, modular design at a cost effective price

Avigilon’s SL Range was developed on the H4 platform which is renowned for its all-around high performance. The H4 SL Cameras provide exceptional image quality in any indoor or outdoor lighting conditions. The integrated Avigilon LightCatcher and Wide Dynamic Range Technology provide clear images in challenging and low light conditions, both in light and dark areas of the image. In dark conditions the Camera is also equipped with content adaptive infrared technology which provides even illumination across the field of view, reaching up to 15 metres from the camera.

Key Features:

  • 1.3 and 2.0 Megapixel Models
  • HDSM Technology
  • Varifocal Lens
  • Integrated Content Adaptive IR Technology
  • Avigilon Lightcatcher
  • Dual Exposure Wide Dynamic Range
  • IK10 Vandal Resistant and IP66 compliant

Avigilons H4 SL Line of cameras are available in two camera types, Bullet & Dome. They have multiple features making them easy to install such as the Bullet Camera having interchangeable brackets and a sunshade the Dome Camera having a variety of mounting options such as surface, pendant and in-ceiling.

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Update November 2019: The H4 camera series is still available but in 2019 Avigilon launched its next-generation H5 ranges which included the latest advances since the H4 cameras were launched. Notably there is the H5 SL camera range which has a modular design that easily snaps into a variety of base options. This means we can it get up and running in minutes. The models available are bullet, outdoor and indoor domes. These cameras offer a simple, flexible and cost-effective security solution.

Additionally, Avigilon launched its H5A cameras which feature its latest video analytics technology which can detect more objects with greater accuracy even in crowded scenes, whether as stationary or moving objects, helping provide detailed information of what is happening on your site so you can take action. The Avigilon H5A cameras are available as bullet cameras, box cameras as well as indoor, outdoor and pendant dome cameras with image quality ranging from 2-8 megapixels.

Both of these camera ranges can be integrated with Avigilon’s video management software, the latest upgrade of which is the Avigilon Control Center 7, providing your company with a CCTV system that will have outstanding image quality but is also easy to use.